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This Photograph comes to us from Anton Wenzel.  He says: "...I found this picture, which was taken in Karlsdorf in the early 1930's, I believe in my parents' photo album. My dad is the one in the bottom row on the right.."  * update* Back Row, 2nd from the right is Martin Koller

This was a theater group. All I know is the man an the far right is my mother's brother - Melchior Jaeger.


My father's name was Johann Wenzel. He was born May 17, 1914 in Karlsdorf. As far as I know, his family lived on Jupiter Gassse, but I am not sure of that. Before that he and my mother ran a small general store in Karlsdorf, but I don't know where that store was. This picture is of my parents, when they got engaged in 1937. My mother's maiden name was Helene Jaeger.








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