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If you would like to become a member of our club we would heartily welcome you.

Please contact: peggy@karlsdorf.org

This Photograph comes to us from Dennis Schenborn.  He says: "...1956 photo of a group of Karlsdorfer's having lunch after picking apples at Heinz Jeske's orchard near Libertyville. My family has a legend has it that it was from such a gathering that the idea of starting the club began." 

Click on the picture for a larger version. It could be slow to download though so be prepared.

Elsa Walter [geb Hugery] was also there at Heinz Jeske's orchard that day and she offered up the names of those at the table with a correction that it was taken in 1957.

She thinks that Joseph Blank is the man whose back is to us but if you know different please let us know. Mystery solved. That was pretty easy too! If only everything was so easy.

Send us your photos too. We'll post them and maybe we can help to identify those other 'unknown' people in them, so that we can discover that we have indeed known them all along. 


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