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This Photograph from Karlsdorf comes to us from Werner Fricker Jr. of Horsham, PA

From left to right:  Peter Fricker [1883-1944], unknown female, Helene Filka Fricker [1890-1963], unknown child, unknown male, Wagon driver August [Gusti] Fricker [1912-1940]
If anyone recognizes the people in this photo please contact us.    

Werner writes:

"That is my great grandfather Peter and my great grandmother Helene. Peter and Helene stayed in Karlsdorf in 1944. Peter got sick (a broken heart of a broken man) and died in in Feb of 1945 in his home, Helene spent several years in the Karlsdorf Lager then was shipped to Gakawo. She survived and went to Austria and then died in 1963 here near Philadelphia.

My grandfather, Gusti, is the younger man driving the wagon. He got sick and died in 1940 at age 27 when my Dad was only 4 years old. I never knew him. My grandmother (not on this photo) was Christine Nikola. She remarried to Ludwig Jahraus from Franzfeld. My dad, His mother, and his sister Sieglinde, left Karlsdorf in October of 1944 and were able to get to Austria. While they had a tough time, they escaped the atrocities and my father's stepfather, Ludwig (MY OPA), a POW reunited with them in Austria.
They came to the USA in 1952."



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