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Karlsdorf Kirche pre WWI

A short explanation of our church in Karlsdorf in the Banat:

The Karlsdorf church was originally to be named after St. Charles Borromeus. In fact, on October 26, 1806, the laying of the foundation stone for the church was dedicated to this saint. However, the altar painting of St. Karl Borromeus, donated by the inspector of the Military border regiment, Archduke Ludwig, was sent by error to the church in Pancevo. Because of this error, the painting of St. Johannes of Nepomuk went to Karlsdorf and the church was instead dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk on May 16, 1809.

Hence, for some time, two Kirchweihs were celebrated. In the Spring, people would celebrate 'Klani Kirchweih', St. Johannes from Nepomuk's feast day and the consecration of the church, but only with a church ceremony; and in November was the secular celebration, in honor of St.  Charles Borromeus, the original intended Patron Saint.


Karlsdorf Church 2004

Images and things

Oct 29 1947 POWs in Zemun near Belgrade

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• Karlsdorfers at Sindelfingen in 2005

• Photographs from Werner Fricker Jr.: 1930s Karlsdorf

• Karlsdorf Kirchweih in LINZ - 1952

•Heinz Jeske's Orchard Group 

•Die RohrKuh von Karlsdorf

•Pictures from Karlsdorf 2002 & 2004: From Nick Schmitz In Germany:

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Images from Josef Bleichert's collection
provided by Zvonko Djuric


A view of the Gemeinde House around 1890


Ruhe in Frieden

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